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Client Testimonials

My name is Patricia Crowder. I have been a client of Suzanne’s since 2004. When I came to Suzanne I was in horrible physical shape.  I was so out of shape that I had to exercise in a chair for 1 year. I found myself growing stronger and losing weight. My diabetes got better, as well as my blood pressure. My primary care physician told me that if I did not get my diabetes and blood pressure under control, I could die. So, I got serious and I am still here because of Suzanne’s guidance and expertise.

Pat Crowder

I have been a client of Suzanne’s since 2014.  Her class has been a great assistance in my endurance, body strength, weight management and psychological health. As a cancer patient and survivor, it can be hard to motivate yourself to be committed to an exercise program that challenges you mentally and physically.  I enjoy Suzanne’s exercise program. She is a great instructor and knows how to challenge you, within your limits, to go above and beyond what you would do on your own to reach your goals.  Kudos Suzanne!


I have always valued your workout classes and personal training.  You have a commitment to the health of your students and  clients.  You have listened to my needs, desires and health requirements.  I have watched you with other  students and clients.  You push to our abilities so we can reach our full potential.  Your programs have  integrated well into my overall fitness plan.  Your programs provide weight, aerobic and flexibility training  that compliments a well-rounded fitness plan.  I appreciate you.  Please continue the great work.

Alona Winbush Edwards