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Personal Training

With every Personal Training Package, Suzanne will design a program to meet your personal fitness goals and fitness level.  Every session is structured to build cardiovascular endurance , improve core strength, flexibility and balance while focusing on individual fitness goals.  Each client will complete a comprehensive fitness assessment.

Suzanne’s goal is to provide the safest and most effective methods in the fitness industry  today. Achieve each clients individual goals.  Using innovative techniques, creative programs with attention to individual goals and fitness level, each client will take their exercise program to a new level

Your weight training time will not be shared with other clients.

$55.00 per session

Share the cost of your session with a friend and keep each other motivated.  Personal Training (2 People)

$40.00 per session

Small Group
Everyone in theses groups work at their own fitness level and program vary depending upon goals. Training (3-5 people)

$30.00 per session

In-Home Training
If your too busy to go to a gym, have your own fitness equipment or simply would like to workout in the comfort of your own home, Suzanne will go to your home.

Other Services

Fitness Consultation & Assessment

  • Fitness Consultation – If you want to make a change toward a healthier lifestyle but not sure where to begin, a fitness consultation can help you identify your areas of concern and determine what program would best fit your fitness level, budget and goals.
  • Fitness Assessment –  This comprehensive assessment give detailed information on weight, body fat, measurements, flexibility, strength, blood pressure and resting heart rate.  This assessment provides all the information needed to design a personalize fitness program.  $75.00