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Senior Fitness Program

Active mature adults are seeking to regain or maintain physical health, vitality and independence.  Numerous articles discussing the benefits of exercise programs for older adults have appeared in major publications nationwide including the New York Times, Washington Post , Los Angeles Times and many more.

Suzanne has taught fitness to seniors and individuals with limitations for more than 15 years. Programs include: chair exercise, chair/gentle yoga, power flex (light weights), line dancing and more.

If you are a mature adult seeking to regain or maintain physical health, vitality and independence, give Suzanne a call for more information. These programs are offered individually or can be offered at your church or organization.

Fees for groups and organizations are based on number of participants and the distance traveled.

Gentle Yoga

A non-competitive class that is excellent for people with movement limitations or profound stiffness due to lack of activity; relief from disabilities and chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain and other musculo-skeletal issues.  It’s great for recovery from surgery, illness or injury, great for seniors and those new to yoga.

Private or Group sessions available, call for more information.

Menopause Consultant and Assessment

During this time of life a woman’s body really goes through changes. Regular physical activity is crucial for women facing the changes of menopause. Having someone who knows first-hand what this is like and knows exactly what you need to do to overcome the challenges is very essential in getting through this transition.

With Suzanne’s expertise and personal experiences, she will design a program that will help deal with the may symptoms of menopause i.e. weight gain, bone loss, muscle loss, irritability and much more. See Menopause section